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Talking points:

Acts.14:27 tells us that faith is the door/ or conduit of the gospel.


Acts.15:9 says that this same faith purifies the heart.


Acts.16:5 tells us that faith is the source of our strength.


Rom.1:5 calls it “the faith”.  Indicating that this is something that we are instructed to be obedient to. Ref.Rom.16:26


Rom.1:17 reveals the progressive revelation of God’s righteousness, form the perspective of the saving faith that we receive with God's justification to the abiding faith that we receive with God's sanctification.


Rom.3:3  The faith that is talked about here, is referring strictly to “the faith of God”.


Rom.3:22 tells us that we receive God’s righteousness through “the faith of Jesus Christ”.


Rom.3:25  It is through His own obedient faith, that Christ has become our propitiation. Ref.Rom.1:1-4


Rom.3:27  “The law of faith” regulates the distribution of God’s grace.


Rom.3:28  We are justified by this same “law of faith” that regulates/ or facilitates the distribution of God’s grace.


Rom.4:11 Abraham received physical circumcision as a visible sign.  But the invisible circumcision that he had previously received from God, was actually “a seal of the righteousness of faith which he had yet being uncircumcised”.  We must understand that the seal existed before the sign:  That is, the visible sign was instituted to illustrate the invisible seal.


Rom.4:13  “The promise” comes only “through the righteousness of faith”- Christ’s faith in going to the cross. 


Rom.4:14  Faith is not understandable if it is considered in the perspective of only God’s visible peoples.  The purpose of God’s gift of faith, is to manifest His invisible grace.


Rom.4:16  The faith spoken of here is the instrument/ or conduit through which God’s invisible grace flows to all of His followers. Ref.Eph.2:8-9


Rom.5:1  The faith is the means of our justification. Ref.Gal.3:24


Rom.5:2  The faith is our initial access into God’s invisible grace.


Rom.9:30; 10:6  The faith is our means/ or conduit to God’s righteousness.


Rom.12.3 God instills His faith into every one of His peoples by measure.


Rom.12:6  Everyone’s faith is measurably different according to God’s gracious distribution. Ref.Rom.14:1


1Cor.2:5  The faith is an invisible power from God. Ref.1Pe.1:10, 11


1Cor.12:9  Faith is an attribute of, and a gift from, God’s Holy Spirit.


2Cor.1:24  Faith is personal and individual, even within the collective.


2Cor.4:13  Yet, there is a common faith in all of God’s peoples: Which is the present Spirit of Christ. Ref.1Pe.1:10-12


2Cor.5:7  Faith is the invisible characteristic that invigorates the Christian’s walk. Ref.1Pe.1:8, 9


2Cor.10:15  An individuals faith is constantly changing/ or growing. Ref.2Thes.1:3


2Cor.13:5  Self examination is a necessary action, for determining the condition and development of our own individual faith. Ref.2Pe.1:5-11


Gal.1:23  The faith here could represent the gospel of the New Testament Church.


Gal.2:16  The faith of Jesus Christ is the primary definition of the faith that we are following. Ref.Rom.3:22; Gal.3:22


Gal.2:20  The faith of the Son of God”. Ref. Rom.3:3


Gal.3:23  Before the dispensation of grace-the year of Jehovah, this faith is something that was generally withheld from the world’s populations. Ref.1Pe.1:10-12


Gal.3:24  The faith is the means of our justification. Ref.Rom.5:1


Gal.5:5  The faith is also the means of our righteousness.


Gal.5:6  The faith is the energy source/ or vehicle for all of God’s dispositions.


Gal.5:22  Faith is also a fruit of God’s Spirit.  The visible existence of which, in the lives of His followers, tends to prove God’s active presence in the lives of His peoples.


Gal.6:10  “The household of faith” defines the household of God.


Eph.2:8  The faith is the conduit through which God’s grace flows.


Eph.3:12  The faith of Him (is the faith of Jesus).


Eph.4:13  There is a common faith where God’s people stand in unity. Ref.Titus.1:4


Eph.6:16  “The shield of faith”--the blood of Christ.


Phil.1:27  Faith is an attribute that perpetuates the gospel dispensation.


Phil.3:9  True righteousness comes through “the faith of Christ”.


Col.2:12  “The faith of the operation of God”.


2Thes.1:11  God’s “work of faith with power”.


1Tim.3:9  “The mystery of faith”.


1Tim.3:13  The faith which is in Christ Jesus”.


1Tim.4:1  Some will depart from the faith.


1Tim.5:8  Some have denied the faith.


1Tim.6:10  Some have erred from the faith. Ref. 1Tim.6:21


2Tim.3:15  Salvation comes through the faith which is in Christ Jesus.


Titus 1:1  “The faith of God’s elect”.


Heb.4:2  To understand the preached gospel, it must be mixed with faith.


Heb.11:1  Faith is a substantial and evidential part of God’s invisible dispositions. Ref.Jude.1:20


Heb.12:2  “Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith”.


Jas.2:1  The faith of our Lord Jesus Christ”.


1Pe.1:9  Faith has an end to its determined purpose: The salvation of our soul.


2Pe.1:1  “To them that have obtained like precious faith with us through the righteousness of God and our Saviour Jesus Christ”.


2Pe.1:5-11  Faith as our initial possession/ and our justification, that energizes the advancement of the sanctification process within us.


Jude 1:3 The common faith was once delivered.


Rev.14:12  The faith of Jesus CHRIST”.


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