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Welcome to the Aaron Papers!

  I do thank God for graciously bringing you to this website. I would also pray that God will bless you with that perfect understanding into His hidden mysteries.



  It was in the late seventies that God started to remind me of His existence and reality that I had neglected almost form childhood. These constant reminders lasted for a number of years until God literally showed me a hidden part of myself-that part of who I had become. I call that period “being under the conviction of the Holy Spirit”. I am really not sure just how long this troubled time lasted-but I can tell you that the weight of my sin and my shame before God was overwhelming. I have come to understand this time of conviction as necessary for the forthcoming tasks that God would place before me. In retrospect, I now believe that God was making me an empty vessel--prepared for His service. Then it was through the rich promises of Psalm 51:1-13 that this conviction from the weight of my sins miraculously passed with a renewed presence of God’s Holy Spirit. All Praise and Glory to our LORD and GOD! Amen.

  I believe I had been on my prodigal walk for so long, I was literally Non-Denominational. And now after these many years of independent study, maybe this is precisely where God wanted me all the time. 

  From the very beginning of this venture, it was because I could not understand the reasoning behind the many separations within the visible Church that I first asked God about this matter of divisions: Divisions that are, in my opinion, totally contradictory to His Word.  And secondly, because of the wide variance that exists within these present day eschatological /or end times understandings, I also asked God which eschatology was correct?  The answer that God seemed to impress upon me, was, “you tell Me!”  It is with considerable trepidation that I tell you these things: That this study was accomplished in its entirety under the direction and guidance of our Heavenly Father.  Each and every day that I come to God, I ask Him to reveal His truths to me: Not my truths, but His truths.

  This study commenced in earnest in the early eighties and continues to this very day.  It would seem even now, in retrospect, that all I ever really did throughout these years of study was take notes.  The only things that I could ever claim to know for certain, are those things that I have been given to understand from God's Holy Word. 

  For additional clarification, I have listed the basic source materials that were initially available for these systematic studies--Chapters I through X of the COVENANTAL ESCHATOLOGY REVEALED study: I used the Holy Bible (ASV 1901, [RASV 1901 for these study notes], KJV, NKJV, KJII interlinear, Ref. NASV, NIV, LB, and MLB); Strong's exhaustive concordance (KJV); Vine's Expository Dictionary; Theological Wordbook of the Old Testament (KJV); and Webster's New World Dictionary. 

  Since this study was undertaken because of the denominational confusion that exists within today’s Church, it was necessary that this study be accomplished outside the denominational influences that one would find within the Christian educational system.  It was in 1984 that God gave me the opportunity to search His Word and work through these studies to find His truths: Where God had brought me to a place that was about as near to isolation as one can get in a civilized society.  This isolated study lasted for more than eight years if my recollection still serves me correctly.  I did not, I repeat, "DID NOT" read a single bible commentary before I had finished these conclusive studies. These conclusions were reached only through God's personal guidance as I read His Word again and again--and again and again.  I also believe that the use of the many various translations of the bible has nullified the observations that one might find within the translations themselves. 

  As an added comment, I would like to say that this study was accomplished under the strongest protest on my part.  I would tell you straight out, that from the very beginning I could see absolutely no real benefit in studying eschatology: It is most divisive within Christ's Church.  The only thing that causes me to continue on in this seemingly hopeless quest, is the knowledge that God is in charge in all of these matters.  All that He wills will be accomplished.

 The following is an expanded lists of the reference materials used to complete this Covenantal Eschatology Revealed study--ESCHATOLOGY OVERVIEW /WITH AN INTRODUCTION TO RAPPROCHEMENT ESCHATOLOGY:

C.I. Scofield - Rightly Dividing The Word Of Truth.

John F. Wolvoord - the Rapture Question.

J.Dwight Pentecost - Things To Come--A Study In Biblical Eschatology.

Gary DeMar - The Reduction of Christianity--A Biblical Response to D. Hunt.

Charles Hodge - Systematic Theology vol.i, ii, and iii.

Charles Hodge - Epistle To The Romans.

James Buswell - Systematic Theology vol.i and ii.

Louis Berkhof - Systematic Theology

Louis Berkhof - Manual of Christian Doctrine.

John Calvin - New Testament Commentaries.

Marcellus Kik - An Eschatology of Victory.

William Hendriksen - More Than Conquerors.

William Hendriksen - New Testament Commentary--ROMANS.

G.I. Williamson - Westminster Confession of Faith.

Herman Ridderbos - Paul--An Outline of His Theology.

David E. Holwerda - Jesus and Israel--One Covenant or two?

Millard J. Erickson - Contemporary Options in Eschatology.

  Following a through study of the COVENANTAL ESCHATOLOGY REVEALED manuscript, I believe there is sufficient proof there that the RAPPROCHEMENT ESCHATOLOGY theory is the most Scripturally defensible Eschatology that exists in religious academia.   

 "But the Comforter, even the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in My name, He shall teach you all things..."  Jn.14:26 -Amen-


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